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This!!!! THIS IS THE LITTLE MONSTER KEEPING ME AWAKE!!!! Guys I don’t think you understand, when Britain bred these things…Holy hell…stop with the face little dog! Stop! You cannot sleep with me go sleep with Honey! X( …..Allah benim ruhumu korur, c’mere…*picks up* I forgive you…* falls asleep on couch with dog*

((Hey guys! This is my corgi Merri! I named him after a LoTD hobbit so that’s why he has a girl name. V-V anyways, here’s the dog that keeps Sadik up at night. He is real! XD))

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  1. prussianmercenary said: ((what an adorable little thing! /flails arms like a girl because loves dogs/))
  2. midnattssolen-viking said: ((well, I meant I had dogs named Pippin and Frodo >w<))~
  3. braginskysdyingflowers said: ((Oh my god!!!! HE’S THE CUTEST! I Love corgis!!!))
  4. istilaparade posted this
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